I value intuition and instinct as guides in navigating through the infinite

and often murky challenges which both living a life and the making of art presents.

As one, not very large, human being I have found myself driven towards searching for clues about how to keep evolving; surviving; and connecting to both myself and to others, in the face of the serious flaws and often unresolvable conflicts which we all have deeply ingrained in our natures.

So it isn't at all surprising that my many years of practice as a Creative Arts Therapist and Psychoanalyst in addition to my experience teaching the artistry of these endeavors to so many others, with gratitude and love, has deeply informed my art practice.

My work has moved from a desire to create something recognizable, albeit impressionistic,

to what has become a passion for exploring, through gestural abstraction, an inquiry into the palpable presence of that which is "unspoken" and "unspeakable".

I have had the pleasure of showing work at: 

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

Pratt Institute 

Michael David&Co. 

and am particularly delighted to have my work published in collaboration with poetry in the journals for literature and art:

 feralpoetry.net  and  thehungerjournal.com